52 Weeks Of Ann's Life


Week 12 – Diamonds

When visiting Calgary, Alberta, Canada recently we saw this sculpture of a huge head in the downtown area.  Yes, it was huge as you can see with the woman walking in the picture.  I see two triangles that make a diamond shape.DSC_3899


10th Week-Descending

Been away at a photography workshop and a little late putting up pictures.  I am going to switch weeks around for I have not processed the photo I wish to put up for “Dawn’s Light” .  The photo of the Rockies I took this last June and when we were getting ready to descend riding the Red Jammer in Glacier.  Hope to work on my other photos and post some soon in future weeks.DSC_4091_edited-1


Week 9 Complementary Colors

I had to look into my art books to try and remember what color were complementary.  I knew they were opposite on the color wheel, but none of my books had a color wheel.  I guess the art book authors figures that everyone should know what a color wheel looks like.  After looking through my recent photos I did find one from our trip to Canada.  It was Indian Paintbrush that grew on the side of the mountains.  DSC_4352_edited-1


Week 7 – Circle in a Square

I don’t have time this week to take an appropriate pictures so I am using one from our trip this June to Glacier National Park.  My husband and I had not been before and we had some wonderful views of both Alberta, Canada and Glacier.  We were fortunate to be able to tour the “Going to the Sun Road” in these historical Red Jammers from the 1930s.  Each one is restored and hold probably 12-15 people.  We had the top down so we had an amazing view of the Rockies.  Soon after we came home Glacier had fires and the road was closed for awhile.  Fires are burning in our and the next county in California and please keep all those effected in your thoughts.  DSC_4005

The circle appears on the front door of the Jammer.